Personalized Star Constellation Map Bundle for Mother’s Day – Gift Idea for Mum, Nanna, or Grandma – print and keyring

Make Mother’s Day memorable with our personalized star constellation map keyring! This custom sky map keychain features a white background with black ink, showcasing the stars at Mom, Nanna, or Grandma’s birth moment. Personalize the text to add a heartfelt touch. Crafted from silver-colored metal and hand-poured in the UK, it’s shower-resistant and comes in a free gift box, ready to delight your loved one.… Read More

OMG My Etsy Shop has been hacked!

Hi I am Louise and I run The Personalised Map Company where I specialise in unique map prints for milestone moments.  I make star map constellations and geographical prints for gift giving such as weddings, anniversaries, Father’s Day and Christmas. … Read More

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